Personal Survival Kit

Carried in field bag

  • Two heavy duty freezer bags (gallon and quart size)
  • Tincture of iodine 2%
  • Regular space blanket (bronze and silver sided type)
  • One roll dental floss
  • Colored surveyor’s tape (3 or 4 feet), blaze orange
  • Pea-less brightly colored plastic whistle
  • Paraffin-coated, strike-anywhere kitchen matches in blaze orange colored match safe
  • Peanut lighter
  • Zippo fuel canister
  • Magnesium-block fire starter with hacksaw-blade striker
  • 8 to 10 cotton balls saturated with petroleum jelly in blaze orange colored match safe
  • Credit-card-sized magnifying lens in brightly colored sheath
  • Mora carbon-steel knife with sheath 3-3/4″ blade, paint handle blaze orange
  • Clear plastic drinking tube, 3 feet long
  • Collapsible, 1- to 2-gallon water container
  • Two 38″ X 59″ 60  Gallon blaze orange trash bags 3 MIL
  • Wool stocking cap in vacuum sealed bag
  • Wool gloves in vacuum sealed bag
  • Wool Socks in vacuum sealed bag
  • Three protein bars
  • 32 oz Water bottle with Paracord loop wrapped with 2″ bright orange gaffer tape
  • Polar-fleece jacket in vacuum sealed bag
  • Heavy duty space blanket in vacuum sealed bag
  • Cotton bandana (brightly colored)
  • 100 feet of 550-pound-test parachute cord, blaze orange
  • 3 x 5-inch glass, sightable signal mirror with blaze orange colored gaffer tape-reinforced pouch
  • VIP Black Case 5 LED’S White Signal Strobe
  • Greatland Laser Rescue Laser Flare® Magnum with two Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA batteries
  • LED Flashlight and lanyard with two Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA batteries
  • Eight spare Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA batteries

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